Yes, the WWE Immortal Game is Fun and Addictive


WWE has continuously worked towards making their name in the gaming industry. While they are a dominant force in the PS3 fighting game circuit, they are now getting into the handheld mobile gaming niche in a big way.  Their WWE card game got critically acclaimed, and they now have joined hands with Warner Bros, NetherRealms to come up with WWE Immortals, a game that uses the same engine that the games like Injustice: Gods Among Us and the other Batman games.

The game is good news for WWE universe, because it is the first one that has a storyline other than some oiled up dudes wanting to be King of the Ring. They actually have the cutscene where Bray Wyatt opens up the lantern, the Authority run away with it – Stephanie, actually  – and this unleashes some medieval heroes, whom the wrestlers have  to fight.

The gameplay is exactly the same, but nobody is complaining, as we do not mend something that is not broken. Within ten minutes, Kane gave a medieval Roman Reigns a powerbomb, and we unlocked a card with Paige.

The graphic quality is not as good as the other games that are using this engine, but they are not so bad that you’d log off. The download is around 1 GB, so you should download this game only via WiFi.

This is going to be fun.

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