Five Reasons the ‘Hindi Mein Commentry’ is Bad News for WWE in India

As we have pointed out earlier, India is going to be a bigger plan of action for WWE. It is not only starting live broadcasting but news just came in that the matches will now be available in Hindi. We do not know which smart alec planned this, organised this and accepted this, but this is an idea that is doomed from the beginning. Here are five reasons why the ‘Hindi Mein WWE” is a failure-at-launch.

Calling a Match is Equal to Fighting a Match

Calling a match is at the very soul of an entertaining match. And whether Ten Sports likes it or not, translation of Michael Cole or JR’s words will not be able to shine a light on the deep, dark road that Ten Sports is all set to go with if they actually go through with this plan. These people are WWE, and are as much relevant to the WWE broadcast as the sportsmen in the ring are. Replacing them with people who would not would not understand the product is a risk the WWE is taking.

Who is going to translate what the professional sportsmen say?

WWE is all about the colorful characters, and is immensely entertaining because of the mic skills or the lack thereof. For many a mark, it is the mic skills that matter as much as the actual sports spots. Some sportsmen can cut a good promo, some cannot, and both have their followers, because they bring a sort of campy fun to it. The Rock’s promos are as entertaining as the Ultimate Warrior’s were. Once they begin translating this stuff, it loses its ‘right here, right now’ value.

The Experience is Lost

As far as we can guess, the whole programming is about to be translated, which means that the audio will be replaced, and therefore, the experience is demoted. The average viewer at home in India enjoys the pop that the audience gives, and specifically wants to listen to what they are saying, whether it is ‘You Suck’ or ‘You Sold Out’ or ‘This is Awesome’. How are we going to translate it, “Tum Bure Aadmi Ho?’ ‘Bech Diya Apne Aap Ko”? and ‘Sahi Hein Bhidu”?

Who is going to get the Emotion in WWE?

This is not even about the promos that the wrestlers cut, but what about the pre-show things that they have? Like, who is going to translate the devastation that HHH can bring to the product, and who is going to demarcate the ‘I Am All’ attitude that McMahon’s tone in India? And that brings us to….

Who is replacing Paul Heyman?

‘Nuff Said.

In the end, WWE does what is ‘good for the business’. Is it a good thing for business? Yes. It opens a whole new rural market for India, and the WWE product goes deeper into the Indian diaspora. This also makes the edgy content more ‘out there’ and open to the daily rigmarole that the Indian film industry faces. So, it is a double edged sword for the WWE.

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