Five Definite Steps the WWE Has taken to Usher a New Era

No other company knows how to comeback than the WWE. and what is happening right now, or at least, since a past few weeks, tells us that a week or two of bad booking cannot bog down what is now a cultural phenomena. The concept of two performers fighting it out in front of a large crowd has weathered quite a bit. This weathering is helped by newer ideas, whether they are industry wide or just for a person. RIght now, the WWE seems to be in a damage control mode, and here are five steps that are visible in their writing.

#5 Mizdow

The tag team part of the business has been overlooked and pathetically booked for a long time. Not since the Dudley Boys made a splash in WWE has the Universe seen something as consistent as The Mizdow. Mizdow is shining proof that the creative has a ear to the ground, and Mizdow is getting a genuine pop from the crowd.

Of course, Goldust and Stardust are always keeping things interesting, along with the USOs when it comes to feuds, but its Mizdow that makes it all relevant at the moment

#4 Rusev’s Undefeated Streak

The Iron Sheik, Sergeant Slaughter, and then some, there has always been the offender and the defender of what is national pride. This angle is a definite pop, and therefore, through the years, the WWE has even made very temporary spots revolving around this to make things more interesting. That the WWE has gone behind Rusev and gave him a push, even going long enough to devour some of the mainstream attention, speaks a lot about them knowing how red hot the Rusev angle is right now – and them making it a longer spo is a sign of the good times.

#3 The Insane Push Dolph Ziggler is Getting

Make no mistake about it, few, rare sports entertainers have got as much of a push as Ziggler is doing. Before this, the only ones who come to mind are 1-2-3 Kid and Hurricane. Hurricane went over because of the madcap antics he had with Kane, and 1-2-3 Kid had a entertaining short fame, but Ziggler has been put up right there since the past month and is standing toe to toe with John Cena.

#2 The Words Superstar Written All Over Dean Ambrose

The very name Dean Ambrose means a lot today. In the nineties, people with such names would be doing the dark matches, and the moment they hit the big league, they’d get a nickname that would become their ring name. Even Dwayne Johnson was Rock and so was Steve Austin ‘Stone Cold’. If nothing else, their surnames would become their ring names, like Chris Jericho became Jericho. These things changed with Eddie Guerrero and the likes, but their names were already exotic enough to keep the crowd interested. Also, Dean Ambrose, the Lunatic Fringe, is playing the face against Bray Wyatt, the man with parapscyhological leanings. Let’s not forget that Hulk Hogan himself sometimes (like last week) pokes fun at the ‘eat your vytamins’ lines that he’d say in the eighties. Why, the last face was John Cena, and we all know how that is turning out.

#1 The Attire

This would be the most clear way of the WWE to say that they were completely overhauling the kitsch of the seventies and the eighties. Since a long time, their wrasslers have not been wearing anything remotely reminiscent of the glitzy costumes of the seventies and eighties. Ric Flair’s tailor would be out of commission right now if they were working for the WWE. Dean Ambrose literally wears a jeans and a shoulderless vest, and so does John Cena. Of course, it is not a sea change as yet, but the amount of common clothing is much more common that it could be in the golden era.

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