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Its Official: India Cannot Make a Superhero Movie


Not many film makers in India try to go into the superhero genre, and the ones who do, either already get painted corny movies or do it quite subtle. Forget superhero, even sci-fi movies are quite adventurous, with the only sci-fi/superhero movie to have made any serious money in the last decade was the Krrish […]

Qaidi 210 Is Based on the Salman Khan Chinkara Case


There’s a new movie in town, Qaidi No 210, which is based on the chinkara case in which Salman Khan has been embroiled since the past few years now. The movie boasts of several things, which would give it at least a chance to recreate the incident: The same gypsy in which Salman Khan was […]

Experience: The Hathapayi Experience


Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan! That was the sentiment that resounded as I sat through the film “Hathapayi – Enter the MMA”. I was taken to the Eastman Color era of Bollywood of yore. When characters were colorful and dialogue delivery was definitive. Electrifying vamps and entertaining villains cavorted across the screen effortlessly as the […]

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