Bollywood Horror Movie

Dahshat: The Indian Frankenstein.

Navin Nischol and Sarika star in this obscure movie that has one of the rarest of rare villains and storylines. Finally, mad scientists make their way into Indian scripts!

A young man, Sameer, returns to his hometown, and is reunited with his childhood love, Kiran. While returning, he finds out about Chandangarh, where rumors are rife that dead bodies disappear. He is then introduced to a strange doctor, Vishal, who has an alcoholic wife and goes to meet women in the night. It is […]

Why We Couldn’t Make GIFs for Maut Ka Badla

There are low budget movies, and then there are low budget movies. This is one of the latter, and of course, this movie has something naughty that we took notice of. Click to see what!

A group of friends book a resort for a picnic. The resort has a strange caretaker, D’mello and they are a bit apprehensive about staying there, but have no option because they reach late in the night. Along with the caretaker, there is a cleaner who lives in the resort too. The gang of friends […]

Amavas Ki Raat: The Longest Night In Our Lives

Another movie that was heavily inspired from The Terminator. The only thing is that the filmmakers had a budget that as nowhere near Terminator 1, let alone Terminator 1.

  A woman completes her black magic education after being mentored by her husband. She gets a letter from her sister, Sunanda, who is being ill-treated by her husband – she had married him against her family’s wishes. The female Black magician gets a letter that her sister is living on the streets, after being […]

Figure of Speech: Personification: Khooni Murda

Kiran Kumar in a dynamic role of a stalker who finally becomes a spirit. Starring the indomitable Javed Khan too.

Khooni Murda (The Murdering Corpse) is a Bollywood horror movie that stars the people who are by now regular in this circuit, Javed Khan, Huma Khan, Kiran Kumar and others. Here is a complete script and screenplay of Khooni Murda. A young woman, Rekha, is stalked by a man called Ranjeet. The woman tells about […]

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