It’s Back: Kamasutra


Say the name Kamasutra in India and you are bound to get some interesting brow raises. After all, the original, uncut Kamasutra is still the most sensual movie ever made in India. Because India believes in imitation being the best form of flattery and there have been several movies that speak about the text. The […]

Why?: Aa Meri Baahon Mein


Yes, Bollywood has a lower number of thrillers, erotic thrillers, murder mysteries and other such ‘badnaam’ movies, but what we came across on YouTube is something that defies logic. We are very, very sure that we wouldn’t be able to show you this trailer if it were not on the Internet. The trailer just some […]

What Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend Is All About


Dilli has been the central character in several Bollywood movies. Our favorite Dilli movie till date is Fukrey, and we simply loved the irreverent script that it had. We confess that heist and con movies are our favourite, and therefore we are already interested in Dillwaali Zaalim Girlfriend. The movie is about young people who […]

Experience: The Hathapayi Experience


Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan! That was the sentiment that resounded as I sat through the film “Hathapayi – Enter the MMA”. I was taken to the Eastman Color era of Bollywood of yore. When characters were colorful and dialogue delivery was definitive. Electrifying vamps and entertaining villains cavorted across the screen effortlessly as the […]

Three Other BDSM Themed Works You Don’t Know About


  At the outset, let us warn you. BDSM is illegal in India. That doesn’t mean that BDSM doesn’t exist in India. But because of the very clear and present danger of being thrown into prison for just practising BDSM, even a whiff of exposure sends the tens and hundreds of BDSMers in India running […]

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