Five Facts about Christmas All Indians Should Know


The festive times are upon us, and in a few weeks, we will be heralding a new beginning. A precursor to that is Christmas, the day we mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas has become a global phenomena and quite popular, and it is but natural that some of the aspects of this festival […]

Five Reasons SMART TVs are FTW


‘Tis the season of being jolly, and what makes us jollier is buying electronics. The electronics market in India has grown by leaps and bounds, and today, we see LEDs, LCDs and SMART TVs are available. Of course, Smart TVs are a tad bit expensive, and one would wonder why one should by a smart […]

Five Things You Need to Know about WWE and India.


WWE is planning a big foray into India. Ten Sports is already talking about showing the house shows on the same day, as well as the PPVs on the same day. WWE merchandise is a mild revenue generator in India, and with the population burgeoning, it is only correct to WWE to give a full […]

Five Reasons the Argument for Pre-Marital Sex has TEETH


India is a growing, progressing country, and we are being bombarded with newer ideas almost on a daily basis. Some of these ideas don’t just seem against our cultures, but also against logic and seem sacrilegous. In a country where arranged marriages are still the norm, pre marital sex is a strict no no. In […]

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