The Ten Memes that All Startup Enthusiasts Should See


So, you are getting job offers from the brand new shiny startup. Not only is the money good, they are flexitime and the office is just next to your house! Well, before jumping onto the bandwagon, you should see these ten startups to get an idea of how many people have felt after joining startups.

The Five Reasons We Should Unlock This Bandh Darwaza


Ramsay Brothers made several movies during their heydays, and Bandh Darwaza was one of the most famous ones. This movie again had their favourite character Saamri, and also a veritable feast of all the awesomeness that a horror movie would have. Here is the storyline of Bandh Darwaza, and five reasons why you should watch […]

Five Reasons We Should Give Saamri (3D) It’s Due

The one movie about not just Ramsay's creations but also one of the most iconic aspects of Indian cinema and culture, Saamri. The movie was promoted as being 3D, but you need to read the article  to check out why the 3D is nixed out in the YouTube version.

The west might have Dracula, Frakenstein and other minor characters, but India has Saamri, an amalgamation of all these characters into one. This blogger was fortunate enough to have once seen Saamri in real life in the suburbs of Mumbai, Andheri. That dude was tall and well, tall., Here is the recap of the movie […]

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