Is Your Credit Card Going to have 60 Days Billing?

So, it seems people are getting calls from a number that is called ‘Credit Card Dept’ on Trucaller, and the call starts simply enough. The caller on the other end first begins with the Payback card thing – apparently the Payback points are not getting credited on many cards, and therefore, a new card will be issued soon.

The next piece of information being given is that the billing changes from 15 days to 60 days. Yes, after a collective hallelujah, the caller on the other end says that they would need to verify the ownership of the card. Of course, you joyously give out the digits that are on the face of your card and then, they ask you for the three digits code, better known as the CVV code.

You would do better to hand over your card physically to a one eyed smuggler down the alley somewhere in the dark recesses of the great city called Mumbai. Yes, our friend thought the same and did not part with their credit card details, and here are some of the red flags that he thought of, once he disconnected the call.

The person on the other line said “From Mastercard’ in a warbled tone.
The number when checked via Trucaller came out to be ‘Creditcard Department’ – and spam

Of course, the simplest red flag is that the billing is scenario is not controlled by Mastercard, which is just the service provider, but is the responsibility and decision of the Bank that is providing the credit card.

The friend, of course, did not take the call after they called twice (as far as we know, calls that originate from a switchboard cannot be controlled), but we would like to know if anyone else has experienced this ‘60 Days call’.

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