Four Instances Where Feminism is Difficult to Defend

Some people would say that feminism in itself is a wrong word to use. In fact, with a rising, changing and evolving India, no idea is as plain and simple as it seems. Everything that we are seeing and reading today is suddenly coming up with a new face. Also, human beings have an inherent problem of misusing and exploiting freedoms and sops given to them Here are five places where people think feminism is highly difficult to defend.

Women at Work:

Picture this. The boss has just announced a deadline to his employees. The project needs to be completed with the week. The group of employees, which comprises of four men and three women, face a discrimination that cannot be changed.

Everyday, without fail, the three women get up, sign off and leave the office at 6:30, and it is left to the men to work till eight, nine, whatever is needed to complete the project.

The convoluted reason given for this is that the women are working ‘inspite’ of their fathers, brothers, in-laws, fiances and boyfriends. The one condition in which they were ‘allowed’ to work was if they came home everyday at a designated time, and staying overtime in the office was never in the deal they struck with their families to keep working. Of course, for those lucky women who don’t have these issues, they are not safe ‘post evening’ while returning home.

This is an explosive situation that everyone among has experienced. Some grin and bear it, but it does gets on the nerves when half the group behind the project is not around for half the time needed to get the project done.

If you ever wonder why some small companies do not want to hire women, this is one of the reasons.

Reservation in Urban Travel

Women really came out in the open in the nineties, and an ever evolving city evolved further to make life easier for them. They came up with ladies special trains, special reservation in buses, etc. Take it from the common man – pun intended – reservation for ladies in public transport does can cause enough blood pressure rises to call a nationwide alarm. Picture this (and the author has seen this happen):

A girl is dropped at Nesco Bus Stop (Goregaon) by a companion. She gets into an Air conditioned bus, walks up to the reserved for ladies seat, makes an elderly gent get up, and proceeds to take a seat. The girl was traveling from Goregaon to Malad. She alights at the Kandivli bus stop, where another companion is awaiting her, to drop her to whatever place she is supposed to do on a scooter.

The inherent rudeness of this situation cannot just go away. The bus was almost empty, the lady was not even in her late thirties, she was traveling in the cusp of comfort, and wanted comfort on the one leg of travel where she didn’t have it. And no, by appearances, she did not look ill and was not differently-abled. In fact, she was animatedly chatting over the phone during her bus sojourn.

Modern Arranged Weddings

Make no mistake about it, weddings are still a male dominated and male centric event in most parts of the country, and fortunately it is changing. But just like how a child has to go through some illnesses in their teething years to come out all healthy and shiny, this evolution is facing a problem that refuses to go away.

More and more men are being told to up their game, more and more families are being asked what is the bank balance that they have for ‘our daughter’. More and more Whatsapp chats are ending in questions whether the in-laws will be living together. More and more mothers are sending good-meaning friends over to their would be son’s-in-law house to find out how close knit the family is.

That Naming Thing

That fad, that thing, that naming thing where the wife hyphenates her surname with her husbands. Yes, it all seems so glorious and good on Facebook and everywhere else, but anyone with an iota of logic would know this:

Brad Pitt marries Angelina Jolie. So, Brad Pitt becomes Angelina Jolie-Pitt. Now, let us suppose that they have a child, and they name is Gotham. So, Gotham becomes Gotham Jolie-Pitt. Now, Gotham Jolie-Pitt falls in love with the daughter of another of the unrestrained and relentless feminists, named Anjana Kail-Ranini. So you know what the name of their child will be, that’s correct. Let’s assume they name their child Kalpa. Here’s the name…

Kalpa Jolie-Pitt-Kail-Ranini.

In a country where the municipal system is completely broken down and requires a heavy workover, it would be interesting to know that the surname of the woman is automatically changed once she is married. We would be interested to know whether all these namings are actually showing on their legal documents, or is it all cosmetic?

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