Five Types of Sunglasses Everyone Buys – and Everyone Hates

Fashion is funny. Fads are funnier. What’s the in thing today is the old thing tomorrow. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to retrospect and poke fun at some fashion decision that people have taken. One of the most obvious fashion decisions would be sunglasses, because well, you stick them right on your nose all through the day. Here are five types of sunglasses that we secretly hate, but generally buy.

#5 Fake Aviators

Aviators are still the classic shape that somehow make everyone who wears it God’s Gift on Earth. Of course, imitation is the best form of flattery and almost every major sunglasses company has its own Aviators. While that is all right, some people actually go ahead and buy ‘100 rupaye wala’ Aviators and try to own the scene like a boss. Not happening.

#4 Fake Wayfarers

You will find it hard to believe, but people who buy fake Wayfarers actually shout aloud to their friends, “Where are my wayfarers?” in a crowd. This is 2014, one look at a product and we know that it is fake. Man or Woman up and buy the real deal.

#3 Mirror Sunglasses

Seriously, whatever did you think while buying these sunglasses? Mirror sunglasses? We have enough bling in our life to not want your mirror sunglasses in our lives, thank you.

#2 Cheap Plastic frame sunglasses

Okay, we should be fair here, not all of them are bad, some of them, even though ‘100 rupaye ka’ can be pretty awesome and chill. Some can turn gross though, especially when you want your friend to meet one of your townie friends.

#1 Bugs

Oh… how the women collapsed at the sight of these bug sunglasses the moment they saw them. These are actually pretty decent to look at, but once you come across the millionth girl who owns one of these, you start hating them.

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