Five Reasons the Argument for Pre-Marital Sex has TEETH

India is a growing, progressing country, and we are being bombarded with newer ideas almost on a daily basis. Some of these ideas don’t just seem against our cultures, but also against logic and seem sacrilegous. In a country where arranged marriages are still the norm, pre marital sex is a strict no no. In fact, the ignorance about premarital sex is so laughably evident in any of the family dramas of the seventies and the eighties. One night of passion could change our life. However, with changing times, there is a debate about whether pre-martial sex makes perfect sense or not. This blogger is for pre-marital sex. Before you get out your knives and forks, read the following reasons why:

The Fear of the Unknown:

The fear of the unknown can ruin many a experience. You would be surprised to find out how many men as well as women are frankly scared of going through the grind come wedding night. Many would even postpone consummating their marriage just because they aren’t ‘ready’ yet.


Sexual Intercourse is an activity that is the reason for several bodily injuries, both internal as well as external. There is every chance that an inexperienced couple might injure themselves. What is more horrific is that there is every chance that the couple is embarrassed enough not to tell anyone and not even treat it in the right manner.


Human beings are an expectant lot, and with the kind of satisfaction that they think sexual intercourse can provide – mostly because of mainstream and other movies – there is a chance that they get dejected when they finally experience the actual act.  This can have some serious repercussions on not just the marriage, but the other relations that the people have in their life.

Time of Our Lives:

When done with the right person and for the right reasons, sexual intercourse can be the best experience one ever has, one  that a person can cherish for years to come. Indians, and people the world over, lead stress laden lives, and several researches have shown that the right kind of intercourse is the best exercise for the mind as well as the body. So, even if just for quality of living reasons, not waiting for the big day to indulge in intercourse makes sense.


What would you do, if you were not accustomed to something, and were taught all your life that it was your marital duty to do so, and the first time you did it was way past the accepted age of learning something new? Many would have a genuine hatred for sexual intercourse by the time they marry, simply because their bodies and psyches are not accustomed to it.

These are the simple reasons why pre-martial sex makes perfect sex, and should not be condemned in the manner it is. Of course, the most important part of intercourse is why you are doing it, and with whom you are doing it. If you are indulging in sexual intercourse just because it’s awesome, you should get your head examined.

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