Five Money Saving Tips for a House Party This Festive Season

Since a past few years, many people are opting for house parties for various reasons. Some like the comforts of their house while others find that celebrating festivals at home. However, it is a misconception that just having a house party makes it cheaper. There are many ways in which a houseparty can come up to be terribly expensive, even if compared to a party in the heppest (we made that word up) lounge in town. Here are four money saving tips that can make your house party cheaper.

Cater by the Kilo

If your friends are not too snizzy about what they are eating, you can cater by the kilo. Basically, many restaurants nowadays – and since forever – take orders of specific biryanis by the kilo. Some offer boneless and with bone when it comes to meats. This brings down the food bill considerably, and ensures that everyone gets the same kind and quality of food. You no longer have to hunt for a restaurant in your area that makes the best Dum Biryani, Egg Masala as well as Rajma Chawal. If you do feel that you are losing out on variety, you can order individual dishes as per choice – but even with that the costs would be lesser than what you would be paying if you ordered per dish.

Catering by the Kilo has been around since a long, long time and all you need to do to find out who does in your area is to ask your elders and localites. Believe us, they have had better rocking parties than you.

Prefer Rice

We do not know why, but traditionally chapatis and naans have either cost more than the rice – even if the Maths doesn’t add up – and is quite a dangerous risk to take, considering that once a naan is gone, the only thing that can replace it is another naan, and unless you have ordered it it doesn’t exist. Also, it is a democratic country and you cannot ensure that every guest takes only the right amount of gravy with a specific size of naan.

Steer clear of the naans and the pavs and anything else that needs you to clench at them and dip them in gravy. Considering that a ‘sada pav’ is 2 rupees and a ‘seka pav (slightly oiled) is 3.50 rupees, you already know where this is going. Oh, and yes, it is proven that rice is heavier on the stomach, so your guest list will feel fuller when it eats rice, which equals more satisfaction.

Ice Water for the Alcohol

If you are serving alcohol, be sure to at least keep iced water as an option for the mixer. Yes, many of us use some kind of soda, but iced water is a very good – and almost free – resource. You would be surprised to see many of your friends at least trying a couple of drinks ‘on-the-rocks’, and who knows, if the fad sticks you save yourself another pile of money. Yes, you should have ice available at all times for this to work.

Buy Glassware

If beer is the tipple, be ready to find several people ready to drink right off the pint bottle. Some would even take a whole 650 ml bottle, vowing that they will finish it off. The sad truth is that very few people actually complete the entire liquor that they have taken. If you do not want to grumble the next day finding out how many cans have been opened but unused, invest in a good beer glass collection. Infact, if you time it right, you won’t even have to spend money on buying beer glasses. Carlsberg is right now offering one beer tumbler for every three beer bottles that you buy. We do not know of any other beer brand that has this offer going on.

We have seen that with a typical tumbler,  one can decrease the beer consumption by a ⅓rd. Also, because the bottles are kept right back in the refrigerator, they are always cold and fresh.

Important Note:

Drinking, even at home, without a permit is illegal in several countries and states, and even in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Make sure that everyone who is planning to drink or drinking has their permit. This permit is available for a nominal amount at all wine shops. Make sure you buy this permit before you ring in the new year. Cases have been lodged under this archaic law and people have been arrested too.

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