Five Reasons Why the IIN Ad is Highly Cliched

The Idea Network has not had a stellar presence in India, ever since it was launched, and they decided to change all that with a new brand ambassador. Their ‘no ulloo banaoing’ ads were mildy famous, and maybe this egged them on to make another ad that places them as a university of learning – because, well, they offer data services. Here are five reasons why the IIN Ad is highly cliched and makes no sense whatsoever.

#5 The Characters are from the Seventies

A bright boy forced to work in a bakery by his father because he didn’t get a college education. These characters and this storyline might have worked in the seventies and eighties. Indians, by and large, today know that education is the weapon that will eradicate their poverty, and there are few fathers who wouldn’t take a loan out on the bakery and fund their child’s education today. This is 2014, not 1994 or 1974.

#4 The Boy is a Genius – and doesn’t get a IIT admission

The beginning of the ad shows that the boy did not get admission. The reason is not shown, as the director is far more interested in running home the point that the boy is forced to work in his father’s bakery. He finally makes one of those drones that have been deemed illegal in India, and as far as the ad is concerned, he does it in his first go. Which brings us to the question – if the boy was so bright, why did he not get a college admission? Money should not be a very big concern today. More and more people are getting full scholarships if they are so bright that they can make a drone at home. Lame.

#3 IIN Kahan Hein Beta?

That scene where he tells someone that he is studying at the IIN University is by far the lamest moment in the whole ad. What if the man asking had a child who was looking to get admitted in a college and would have come to ask about the whereabouts of the institute?

#2 The Drone is Cliche

Drones became somewhat of a subject a few months ago when a Pizza delivery company delivered their first pizza via drone. There was some discussion about it, with the company also being slapped with a showcause notice. Aparently, a wheel on a motor that can be guided somewhere is a privacy issue. The controversy wafted along for a while and then it petered away, with the media monkeys seeing something new and shiny the next week. The idea that they took the drone and made it into something that allowed the young boy to speak at something that suspiciously looks like a TED talk.

#1 The Ad Says Nothing about the Product

Okay, so a dude using an Internet network learns how to make a drone. What’s new about it? How does Idea come into the picture? Does this mean that other networks like Airtel and Vodafone don’t have their Internet network? With the penetration of Airtel, Vodafone, and the constant jibes one gets for being on the Idea network, the advertisers went one step too far, and seems to have failed.

Oh, and did you see how the dude in the ad channels Harry Potter?

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