What Is the Message Behind the Munch Ad Feat. Sushant Singh Rajput?

Nestle, and therefore Munch is not very much known for making ads that don’t make sense, or cater to the ‘we are’ sensibilities. However, it now seems to have taken a page out of the classic Pan Masala ads and the ad is terrible, with an underlying idea that is so deep that we are sure even the ad makers cannot ‘put a finger on the idea’.

It all starts quite cutely, with Sushant Singh Rajput playing a young man who is asked directions by a foreigner – Connaught Place, because, you know, Delhi. He is then shown trying to study English and the next scene has him try to go into an opera. Of course, he fails, and the breaks open a Munch, and becomes an overnight star. The posters and such are ’80s, and the poster art makes SSR look like Mithun.

What is the underlying idea of the ad? That you don’t need to know English to lead a life? Granted.That English is needed to score with girls? Well, he is shown interacting with three individuals in broken English, all women, and in the end, he is singing and dancing with a bevy of girls. That you don’t need to know English to play a role in an English play? What?

We are still trying to wrap our heads around the ad. The only good thing that comes out of this is that we see how SSR is growing his hair up to play MS Dhoni.

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