Mohini Tea Ad: Watch It To Believe It (in a bad way)

If you have started watching the Big Entertainment channel – which gives some good series, like the Akbar Birbal series, you have by now seen this ad. This is the first time that we saw and heard the name Mohini, but it’s website says that it is in the list of the top ten tea brands in the world. Of course, we are not the tea industry experts, so we wouldn’t know much about that information.

The ad came as a surprise to us, because in a fast evolving, modernising India, this one stands out like a sore thumb. Here is the storyboard of the ad:

A young man and a young woman, the man gently confident and the woman conveniently coy are sitting with their respective families, with one gent of the family even hovering around. After a few seconds of silence, the pundit announces that the kundali matches, and the wedding is possible.

We wonder where the characters for this ad came from. The ad reeks of traditionalism and conservatism, and is right at home in the pre-liberal era of the seventies and the eighties. No, there is nothing wrong with an arranged marriage, but the idea that the entire ad centres on the kundli – something that many Indians won’t even know today – make us wonder about whether the media has broken the shackles of cultural dogma. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a Pandit in your house?


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