Five Viral Videos and Posts that should Stahp Right Now in India

There was a time when a content writer used to squirm when the relatives would ask his mother what he did for living, and the parents would say, with a roll of their eyes, ‘Oh. He writes’. This was in around 2000, and today, the world is social and people can actually get away by saying, “He works for Google.” The world of social media is mostly made up of flaky, here today gone tomorrow content. In fact, some of the posts you see on the random social websites exist only because that title worked somewhere for someone. Here are five social media articles that should stahp write now

“What he/she did next will surprise you.”

The inherent problem with this post lies in the end of the sentence. Yes, there must be a couple of videos where the viewers were shocked, but most of the videos we see nowadays are just some that affirm ideas like humanity, and also the idea that most social media mavericks are like the Sony people who are crying for newer ideas.

If they made ‘random Hollywood movie/serial’ in India, who would they star

Another pet hate of the people around here. Again, granted, there must be one post that originated this meme and got positive responses, but nowadays some intern in some social media company literally looks at similarities in the face, looks for a pose that is similar to the one a particular character took in one of the promo shots and bang, there’s a post. Imagine, they actually said Imran Khan should play Chandler.

Woman walks wearing skirt on Road for One Hour

Again, beginning posts, yes,  they did creep you out. But there was this video where a woman actually dressed up garishly, wearing a bright colored skirt and walked around  a block for hours. If I saw something suspicious like this – irrespective of the gender, I’d call the cops.

Area Centric Posts

These are area centric posts, not context centric posts. So, the posts would start with why it is awesome to live in Mumbai, then it would go on about how it is extremely awesome to live in Mumbai. The next week, someone will travel to Delhi and then there’s a Awesome Delhi Living promo. People. Tell us something new. Nobody is going to shift to Mumbai just because you say thrice that it’s awesome… tell us about the food there, the people there, the things we should do, the people we should meet!

Is Visiting/Is Not Visiting News by Bollywood PR

Oh Bollywood, how we love you. You taught us what is hyping and ramping before anyone, and what’s more, you still continue! Bollywood is big around here, and therefore any news related to Bollywood – or Hollywood-Bollywood nexus is a big thing. Therefore, once in a while, some  social blogger talks about some show they loved as a child, incidentally someone else makes a ‘where they are now’ post about the cast, and then there’s one interview where someone asks them, ‘Would you like to come back.’ What happens next will crack your skull and spill your brains. Some glitzy PR will actually raise a frenzy saying that they may actually come back, and once they get the required hits for a day, they come out with ‘Sorry, it’s not happening’.


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