Five Reasons Amateur Photographers Should Have Our Absolute Respect

The crew of photographers is increasing. Digital photography and digital cameras have made the art and the accessories more accessible than ever. Therefore, there are several people with an artistic bend of mind that have invested time and money into digital photography. In fact, most friends groups that are around 20-25 would have at least one person who has a DSLR camera. Nowadays, many articles are cropping up about how amateur photographers are a despised lot. Well, here are five reasons why everyone should absolutely respect amateur photographers.

#5 They Invest a Lot of Money

Even the cheapest, oldest DSLR would cost a person something like 25000. Be happy that the person did not blow that money on a one time memory like a South tour or a Leh Ladakh tour or something like that. The very idea that a person is investing money on their hobby and pursues it should be absolutely respected. Ask that to any person who has signed up with a gym for one year but has gone only for a few days.

#4 The Investment is Consistent

If you think that a DSLR camera is a one time investment, you are mistaken. People who pursue photography end up buying atleast two more lenses – apart from the kit lens – within two or three years. Amateur photographers who go semi or full pro upgrade their kit (camera body) in five years or something. None of these are cheap.

#3 Amateur Photographers are Suckers for Expense

When was the last time you bought a digital camera, yes, the one that you bought for under 5000? What did you get free with it? You definitely got a SD card, and if you timed it right, you even got a bag and a tripod. You know what people get free when they buy a DSLR in general times? Natch. Nothing. Nothing at all. They don’t even get a SD card. The free SD card would be useless anyway, because DSLRs require a Class 10 card. Oh, just to put it out there. A Class 10 SD card is worth around 1500 rupees, that is one third the cost of a cheapstake digital camera.

#2 They are technical marvels, working a technical marvel, to create a technical marvel.

Though relatively more accessible and lesser costing, using a DSLR requires technical expertise. Those awesome photos that you see, are not sudden ‘tukka’ fit photographs. Photography is the coming together of science, art and creativity. If you do catch a photographer, you will see him or her completely absorbed into the activity of photography, because every photograph that they take has so many nuts and bolts to select that a lay person might think they have been given a aircraft to run if they are suddenly given a DSLR.

#1 Amateur Photographers are a Hassled Lot

India has yet to grow up and embrace photography, not as a profession but as a hobby. You would be surprised to hear the horror stories that amateur photographers will tell you – if you ask them – about how they are hounded by the law, policemen, and authorities just because they think that a photographer can earn ‘moti rakam’ from a photograph. There is an archaic law where one needs to take permission from a local police station for ‘any’ kind of shoot.

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