Ten Things that make an Indian Online Gamer Cry Buckets

Online gaming is next to nil in India, but things are looking up. Some company recently released a device that allows Indian gamers to find fellow Indian gamers so they could play lag (if you didn’t understand what lag is, read on) free. However, this is just a sponge drop for the ocean of sadness that Indian gamers have been drowning in since a long time. Here are ten things that absolutely frustrate an Indian online gamer.

#10 The Costs

Online gaming is costly, every aspect of online gaming ends up costing the gamer a lot – so much that some gamers might think of blood transfusion to handle these costs. A typical online game may be free, but the DLCs (Downloadable Content) could be equivalent to the cost of three old games. One of the top games, DCUO (DC Universe Online) is free, awesome and addictive. After thirty levels, one has to buy a DLC, which can be anything from $12 to $8. And yes, they accept Indian Netbanking. Console gamers have it more difficult, games with online content routinely retail for 3500-5000 INR.

#9 The Availability


Gaming, let alone online gaming is still in it’s nascent stages, and India is not a very big ‘sell here’ flag on the maps of the multinationals as yet. Apart from the mainstream brands like Counter Strike and World of Warcraft, you would be hardpressed to be able to buy the obscure-but-awesome mmorpgs in India.

#8 The Timezones

If you ever wonder whether you would survive a long distance relationship, buy a MMORPG in India and try to play it with a group (they call it guilds). Because of the enormous geographic differences, you will be able to play with other people only in your graveyard shifts. You will reach such a stage that you will think it is perfectly okay to take a weekday off to help your group cover this level but…

#7 The Unhelpful Nature of Other Indian Gamers

The oldest MMORPG, World of Warcraft, has an mildly respectable Indian gaming population, but most of them are genuinely not around, or are so busy grinding in the upper levels that they will not be around to help you when you need their help. This, after playing the ‘brother from another mother’ card when they want to recruit you.

#6 The Rigs we get

Online games usually take the lowest common denominator route. Most, if not all, can play on the oldest graphics cards that are still available in the market, and there are chances that you are happy seeing these 640×480 graphics. All this changes the moment you get addicted to the game and go to the fansites, where the graphics are shown in bewitchingly beautiful 2400×1600 pixels. Pixel-jealousy is too great an issue in gaming circles, and there is no way you can get away from it. The exhorbitant prices of gaming cards in India just add to the depression Indian gamers go through.

#5 The cultural gap

However early you get into a game, or even into gaming, the other countries have been around for decades earlier. Their cultures are different, they are different, and therefore, the conversations that go on in a mmorpg chatroom is so different, you might just get put off – this, after paying full price for the game.

#4 The Scamsters

Scammers are the wart Internet doesn’t want to show you, but you feel it anyway when you get intimate with it. Scammers exist not just in the big ticket games like WoW, but even the age-old ones like Tibia. What’s funnier is that the moment you tell someone else that you get scammed, they’ll tell you tht they knew the name of the scammer, but thought you’d be intelligent enough not to get scammed by that particular person.

#3 Families vs Online Gaming

Not all of us have the privilege to have a game room with all the accessories needed for voice chat and privacy. Some of the conversations one has when they are having their character’s head blown off on screen are definitely Not Safe for Family Audience.

#2 The Procured Games

Most of the people who claim to be ‘masters’ of CS have never put down a dime to buy the game, in any of its avatars. Also, some of them don’t even have an Internet connection at home (or atleast a good enough one).

#1 The Lag

Online gaming depends on something known as pings, which is the speed at which data is transmitted from the server to your connection. Lag means that the transmission is not consistent or not a very good speed. There is nothing you can do about it, other than shift to another country. Until then, you can enjoy being kicked out of online games because ‘Ping Too High’.

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