Is the HP Stream Worth It?

Manufacturers are trying to make netbooks and laptops more and more lucrative for anyone who has some extra cash and need to be mobile and computing. Last year, India saw a slew of Chromebooks that were not as successful as they would have liked, and now comes the HP Stream, exclusively available via Flipkart, and the dazzling blue color is surely something to pay attention to. But, we need to look beneath the bonnet to find out whether the HP Stream is actually worth it.

Celeron Processor

A bit late in the day to launch a netbook with a Celeron Processor. With people buying – believe it or not – laptops with an i5 or even an i7, the Celeron Processor seems so ’90s. In fact, the Celeron processor did become popular in India back in the nineties, until it was relegated by the Pentium Processor.


Once more, this is fast becoming out of fashion. People are looking for 3 or even 4 GB RAM. In fact, laptop users will tell you that if you have a laptop with 2 GB as RAM, you will grow out of it  and need a 4 GB machine.

No Traditional Hard Drive

The laptop has a eMMC 32 GB drive, and one can insert more SDHC and other kinds of memory cards, but it will surely be a long shot from the monolith 1 TB space that people are accustomed to nowadays. It also offers a 1 TB cloud drive, but with the internet connectivity in India, it fails to enthuse us.

However, what this netbook has going for it is that it has a HDMI support and Windows 8.1, making it one of the cheapest devices out there that have the latest operating system. It also has a HD webcam, which should be good enough.


At the end of the day the laptop seems to be targeted towards the ones who need the goodness of Win 8.1, a device to watch their movies comfortably on the move an d the price point is delicious for that target market. 

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