Five Reasons SMART TVs are FTW

‘Tis the season of being jolly, and what makes us jollier is buying electronics. The electronics market in India has grown by leaps and bounds, and today, we see LEDs, LCDs and SMART TVs are available. Of course, Smart TVs are a tad bit expensive, and one would wonder why one should by a smart TV. Well, here are five reasons that Smart TVs are FTW.

#5 Connected:


Smart tvs have WiFi connectivity, which means that you can connect to the router, which is in turn connected to the computer or the mobile phone. In some cases, you can play media right off your mobile phone, making that cute phone video a family memory that can be viewed by anyone.

#4 Play Via YouTube


YouTube is fun, and with the Full HD videos available, watching your favorite videos on the television is good fun. If you have a Smart TV, chances are that you have a YouTube app, which allows you to play YouTube videos directly via your computer to your television. We saw around 50 episodes of Shaktimaan like this.

#3 Apps for Online

Okay, not everyone would be aware of this, but there are so many apps through which one can play media on the smart tv. There’s an app for TuneIn, Daily Motion, and any other video and music aggregator that you could think of.

#2 Its Almost a Computer

You can connect a keyboard to the Smart Tv, browse the internet, check the mails, and well, watch video and listen to music. A Smart tv has an honest to goodness browser.

#1 Content, Free Content

If you are planning to finally invest in a smart tv, now is the time to. May tv manufacturers are making apps that are providing free content. Samsung Smart TV now has something called the Club app, which provides music as well as videos. It has a brand new app launched last week, which was international videos

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