The One Place for Goan Food in Mumbai: New Martin’s (Colaba)

Goan food, authentic Goan food is hard to come by in Mumbai, particularly if you are not someone with steep pockets. Though it is hard, it is not impossible, because we just found out one of the most economical Goan food places in the city, New Martin’s Hotel in Colaba.

How to Reach There:

New Martin’s Hotel in Colaba is a stiff walk, or a quick cab ride from the Churchgate station. You need to reach near Strand Cinema and viola, New Martin’s greets you from one of the nook roads.




New Martins is a small sized restaurant, but is spick and span and very, very hygienic to look at. It has a alluring old Goan look and is definitely well taken care by the owners. It has three seats on both sides.

What’s Available:

A lot, and everything that would have a Goan want to come here everyday. It serves all kinds of meats in the various cooking fashions, like vindaloo, steak and roast and fry. It is also one of the few places that has authentic bacon-and-eggs-and-sausages breakfast. Yes, there’s also the fish dishes. If you are not looking for something heavy, New Martin’s also offers the humble omelette, fried eggs, etc.

What we had:

The Steak was absolutely magnificent.

The Steak was absolutely magnificent.

As English as it gets.

As English as it gets.

We have tasted the pork sorpotel, the beef steak, the beef chili fry and the chicken sorpotel. We can guarantee you that these are three of the rare dishes that you will find in Mumbai, and the taste is authentic Goan. If you have spent even a day in Old Goa, the taste will make your mind flaunter there, if just for a second.

Who should visit?

Anyone who would like to experience, or loves Goan food. Anyone who wants to taste home cooked-type meats in and around Mumbai, and anyone who wishes to have an economic food fest.



It is said that quality and quantity can never be together, and it seems it is true in the case of New Martins. They have a limited amount of meats, and if you reach late, you won’t be able to get the dish that you wish. Also, it is closed on Sundays.

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