Five Ways That Cadbury’s Absolutely Pwned The Indian Childhood

Chocolates and childhood go hand in hand. As Indias, only a rich and lucky few got to snack on the chocolates that are world famous. When we were children, the absolute bestest of choclates were mostly made by Cadbury’s, a brand owned by Nestle. We show you the five Nestle Products that formed out the Indian childhood.

Cadbury’s Eclairs



The one that hit the spot, the one that a child could have on the spot. The Cabury’s Eclairs was one of the first soft chewy capsule that had a chocolate filled middle. So epic was the taste that some people used to buy the chocolate, remove the chocolate filling and fill it with chilli powder to lay a prank. . Yes, people can be wicked.

Cadbury’s Bournvita


The drink of the champions. Bournvita was one of the first products in the health food markets, and the first choice of many a doting mother. One still finds the glass bottles of Bournvita in a Indian home. And what was better than Bournvita, Chocolate Bournvita.

Cadbury’s Gems


Back in the nineties, superheroes and tentpole characters were few and far between, and in that came a certain Gems Bond, the fictonal character that was the model for Cadbury’s Gems, small mint size chocolates that were quite similar to M&Ms. Cadbury’s Gems had a small run of collectibles too.

Cadbury’s Five Star


The children of the nineties actually grew into Five Star chocolates. This was one of the many Nestle products that revolutionalised the chocolate market in India. Five Star chocolate bars were an interesting study in consumer mentality too. Children loved the chewy, single bar while parents weren’t too fond of it, mainly because it was chewy, and couldn’t be sensibly cut (and therefore stored for a longer time and eaten like…

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

The one and only. The one that was the reward for many homeworks, green leafy vegetables laden dinners, good behaviours during family functions and trips. Life was simple back then, as long as the parents bribed the children with a choclate bar of Dairy Milk, life was happy.

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