Its Official: India Cannot Make a Superhero Movie


“Mr. X Official Poster” by Ashwinkkc – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Not many film makers in India try to go into the superhero genre, and the ones who do, either already get painted corny movies or do it quite subtle. Forget superhero, even sci-fi movies are quite adventurous, with the only sci-fi/superhero movie to have made any serious money in the last decade was the Krrish franchise.

However, somewhere, somehow, we know that Indian filmmakers can make a sci-fi movie if they want to (Mr. India) and at least have the budget to come up with stunning action scenes (Commando/Dabangg/Dabangg 2), and therefore every time someone comes up with something in the sci-fi genre, the audience laps it up. This week, Emraan Hashmi becomes the Bollywood superhero with Mr. X, and here is the complete review of the movie.

Emraan plays Raghu, an officer of the ATD, something to do with terrorists, who is about to marry his lady love, Siyah – who works in the same department – and quit the department. However, before he can do that, the two are called for one.last.ride, and the ride goes horribly wrong. Raghu is framed for the murder of the Chief Minister and his ladylove, Siyah, is left to answer all the questions.

Raghu is left for dead in an abandoned factory, but he ends up alive, and gangs up with his friends to prove his innocence, and that forms the rest of the movie.Which is an insufferable, uninspired, cheaply made (at least conceptually) movie that should not have made the editing room, let alone the theatres.

A movie with such a high premise should have stunning, game changing CGI, and actors with such aura that would make even the most audacious scenes make interesting (yes, Kevin Bacon in Invisible Man).

Unfortunately, game changing CGI is not something that we will see in Bollywood for a long, long time to come, and it seems lesser production houses are investing in a storyline, let alone screenplay and direction.

There is so much that is confusing about Mr. X, that you give up on understanding the movie, and the direction and screen play does not help either.

Consider this one sequence. Mr. X is bent on killing a politicians’ son. After some lame ‘intelligence’, the Chief Minister’s son is finally killed in a mall in broad daylight, and the erring police officer is not crucified by the media, even though he was the betrothed of the police officer who had killed the politician in the first place!

Personally, this reviewer likes Emraan Hashmi. He was the face of the new generation, and has played a mighty hand in pushing the envelope when it comes to bolder, better movies. We do not know how he strayed from the path and ended up doing something like Mr. X.

The one thing that makes an Emraan movie saleable is his sizzling chemistry with the heroines, and Emraan seems to have lost the ‘X’ factor with the new haircut and styling that got, somewhere near Raja Natwarlal, we guess.

The less said about the rest of the plot and the actors, the better. Amrya Dastur and Emraan have zero chemistry, and therefore the emotional as well as dramatic scenes fall flat. But the one person to whom our hearts go out to be Arunoday Singh, and we wonder who his agent is. This guy had such a promising career, when did he topple down to playing second fiddle to Emraan Hashmi?

Mr. X is a disappointment at every level, seriously, compare it to the other movie released this week, Leela – Ek Paheli, and you might just think that the latter was a better option.

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