Calm Down: The Ahalya Short Film Is Not Epic

Short films are kind of a new thing for Bollywood, and people are fawning over Ahalya, a short story made by Sujoy Ghosh about a character from the Ramayana.

The media has gone all out to say that the movie is so, so awesome. We were left wondering why the film did not break the Internet, or at least the counters of the web page where the video was set up.

We were almost feeling left out when we did not watch the video, and when we did, we were underwhelmed. No, seriously, we were.

With every media outlet telling us that this movie is the Citizen Kane of short films, here is the one reason why we were underwhelmed  by the movie.

#1 Seriously, Go Up and My Wife will think that you are me?

Okay, the movie worked out like the wet dream of a tween who has a crush on a Savita Bhabhi types who had just moved into the neighborhood. And maybe that might have worked, but here, they are showing a hardened police officer falling for this trope.

Seriously, a moment ago he is ready to arrest a famous person on suspicion of a young man’s disappearance just because the young man was seen with the famous person last before his disappearance.

And the next moment, he takes a rock and is fooled by the oldman, when he is told that if he goes up with the rock, his beautiful wife will think that the police officer is actually the old man.

You think? Seriously?

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