Introducing Chitrafit, the Marathi Sensual Horror Movie

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Marathi Cinema is growing by leaps and bounds, and it seems that Marathi Cinema is opening up the list of genres in which it wants to make movies. Gone are the days when Ashok Saraf, Sachin Pilgaon, Reema Lagoo and others would come up with movies about problems of the middle class – we have on our hands a rarity, a Marathi sensuous suspense which promises to be supernatural. The synopsis of the movie itself makes us go for it:

Shavala is a smart, urbane young anthropologist who seeks the help of an acquaintance, Sandesh, a young Fine Arts student to work as her guide while researching the sexual customs of the Pari Tribe in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra in India. Her beautiful, almost bewitching journey to this secluded ancient village ‘Pareni Tree’ becomes a journey of horror as she is unwittingly trapped in a sexual encounter with far reaching repercussions. The film questions our deep rooted sexual emotions, customs and practices and their expression in today’s age of hyper technology and pornography.

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Here is the complete cast and crew of the movie:

Release Date:
20 February 2015


Divakar Ghodake

Jeevan Patil
Somanth Devhar

Artists (Cast):
Seema Azmi
Ashish Pathode
Ravi Patwardhan
Gauri Shankar
Shefali Maydeo
Dansing Rajput
Mike Hevan
Nerav Soni
Mahesh Rale
Sachin Kabir
Vipul Patil
Meenal Chirankar
Suhas Shirsath

Music Director:
Yug Bhusal

Lyrics :
Prasad Kulkarni

Background Score:
Rohit Kulkarni

Amit Thakar
Dinesh D Lahase
Divakar Ghodake

Divakar Vishvanath Ghodake
Mangesh Salunke
Omkar Mohalla

Story Writer:
Divakar Ghodake

Assistant Director:
Abdullah Nurullah
Pallavi Wagh

Music Arranger:
Adarsh Shinde
Nagesh Adgaonkar
Nandesh Umap
Vijay Prakash

Production Manager:
Ashwin Patil

Director Of Photography:
Sachin Kabir

Pickle Entertainment & Media Pvt Ltd

Production Designer:
Dinesh D Lahase

Executive Producer:
Jeevan Patil

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