Five Bollywood Movies that Rewrote the Revenge Genre

The revenge genre is the pet favourite of any Bollywood personality looking to make a quick buck. It is the go-to genre and the one that launches careers. In fact, if you have seen only one Bollywood movie in your whole life, there is a chance that it is a revenge movie. Out of the countless movies, we take a look at five movies that rewrote the revenge genre.

#5 Anjaam

Madhuri Dixit at her gray shades best was given able support by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepak Tijori in this revenge drama that didn’t work well at the box office, but did give fodder for thought to film makers of the future. Madhuri Dixit plays the muse of a rich, slightly unhinged man, who destroys her and her husband’s life after she thwarts his advances. What happens next forms the crux of the movie. Anjaam is a seminal work on revenge, and proves to the audience the old adage of ‘revenge is a dish best served cold.’.

#4 Khoon Bhari Maang

One of the first times that a female protagonist takes revenge on her husband who dumps her for the a newer model. Khoon Bhari Maang was the perfect mixture of a little bit of science fiction, sensuality, the old revenge formula and the sensuousness that would further become Rekha. The movie was quite infamous for its time for the alligator scene.

#3 Maa/Chamatkar

Why not add a little bit of supernatural to the good ole badla? In Maa, Jaya Prada plays a hapless mother who is killed by goons who are enemies with her husband. She becomes a ghost and avenges her death with the help of a trusty dog. In Chamatkar, Naseeruddin Shah plays a old time don who is done away by other criminals who then takes the help of  a young man to keep them away from his daughter. These two movies are two of the rare ones in which ghosts and spirits were the good guys. Maa was famous for the song ‘Aaine Ke Sau Tukde’ and Chamatkar was famous for Urmila Matondkar’s debut.

#2 Every Reincarnation Movie About Revenge

There’s something about reincarnation that makes it a shoo-in to the revenge genre. While not all reincarnation movies are entirely about revenge, there are some that make it the high point of the movie. Yes, Karan Arjun is on everyone’s lips, and our firm favorite is Hamesha, which once again had this very memorable song. It was also the millionth booster shot for Aditya Panscholi’s career.

#1 Baazigar

What can we say about the movie that hasn’t been said earlier? Baazigar is right up there when it comes to experimenting and creating history with such a small twist. The scene where the main character throws the daughter of the person he wants revenge from is often credited as being another landmark in the changing tides that was Bollywood.

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