Three Reasons the Shenaz Treasurywala Letter Smacks of Being Bad PR

India, our motherland, is reeling under one of her worst problems today. Women safety has been on the tenterhooks since forever, but more and more cases of women sexual harrassment are cropping up. Of course, because India is India, there are many people, organisations and institutions that are taking mileage out of it, and using this for their own reasons.

Jumping on the bandwagon has been an Indian pastime since time incarnate, as is imitation. At the risk of simplifying it all, take a look at the movies and television serials that we have, everything is an imitation and reeks of being wannabes. Some blatantly ordering the Indian public to pay attention to them. Recently, one fad that does this quite successfully is an open letter.

Writing this article with a non judgemental, open mind is impossible, and instead of trying to sand diplomatic and tactful, let us just come to the five points that point towards the letter being a bad PR.

#3 Who’s Amitabh and Shah Rukh on a Constitutional Level?

Well, they might be the most important men, they might be the richest human beings, etcetra, but what political or constitutional powers do they have to ensure that women are safe? To be quite fair, what would Ambani, Shah Rukh, Amitabh or Sachin Tendulkar do? At the most, SRK might make a guest appearance in a preachy movie, Amitabh may act for free in an app that is about women safety, and Sachin might come in an ad. Apart from that, what are they supposed to do?

More creative writers would go on to say this letter is like Draupadi’s prayer to Lord Krishna during her vastraharan, but none of these are Lord Krishna. There is one word that more impolite bloggers would use – dropping names – for what Shenaz did.

The only person who could do something, is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, because he is, after all, a Rajya Sabha member.

#2 Why that day?

For those who are not well conversant with the movie business, here is how it goes. Once a movie is ready for release, they first release the music of the movie. Once the music is released, they start the promotions of the movie – and anything goes during this time – for four weeks, with the campaign coming to a high tizzy a couple of days before the movie releases.

Not very surprisingly, as the ads for that movie ran on a regional channel, her open letter shot up and rattled the Internet – or at least the social networks. So, our question remains. What was the thing that ramped her up to write the letter? The Uber sexual harassment? Because that is what happened a couple of days before she wrote the letters. So, if it did, why did she post the letter almost a week later? Isn’t the Uber case open season for all journalists and anyone who wants to type something up against the system?

#1 Where’s the Letter?

The biggest question that comes up. Where is the letter? Where did she post it? Does she have her Facebook account where she did? Or was it a Tumblr post? Hell, Twinkle Khanna writes for DNA and this writer has already thought of Twinkle Khanna as his consort-wife when he conquers the world, so surely Shenaz Treasuryvala could have wrote that ‘open’ letter somewhere? Or did she just mail it to MissMalini?


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