Three Reasons the Bajirao Mastani Trailer Is Not Happening

bajiraoThe Bajirao Mastani trailer is out there, and apart from some fangroups, nobody is too hiked up about it. Digital marketers of anything take note, this is exactly how a product shouldn’t be launched, at least in India. Here are five reasons why the Bajirao Mastani trailer launch didn’t create the ruckus that a movie made on this grand a budget should ideally make.

3. No YouTube, eh?

Most distributors have their websites, and are clamoring to make them as accessible and popular as YouTube. Many of them are also offering free movies for those who have Smart TVs, and can install apps.

But the Digital Team of Bairao Mastani took it upon themselves to weirdly release the trailer only on their little known website, instead of digital multimedia behemoths like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

So with this one fell stroke went all the social media goodness and virality that these websites would offer. In one fell swoop, the digital team commanded an entire fanbase to come out of their comfort levels, their user behaviors and go to another website.

And to make it worse, the video itself cannot be directly shared, the page on which the trailer rests can be shared. All this will definitely turn off many a Internet fan.

2. The Photos Yesterday Didn’t Have Deepika Padukone

In an era where catfights and clashes are the norm of the day, we are wondering whether the film makers are banking on something like this between Deepika and Padukone to buoy the buzz around the movie.

Yesterday, when Ranveer and Priyanka smouldered on our laptop screens, Deepika was nowhere to be seen, and that left us wondering. Why was Deepika’s look launched only today? Is that the look that is the best according to the film makers? One cannot deny that it is Deepika that takes over the trailer as soon as she makes her less than grand entry. Is this all a production ploy?

1. That Dialogue

We aren’t saying that the no dialogue promos don’t work, we are just saying that it did not work for this movie. Medieval movies, especially made at such a grand scale, would have some staunch dialogue that forms the texture and tone of things to come. Instead, we are given a crude dialogue that sums up the relation of the titular characters.

Seriously, that’s a dialogue that could be written by someone in the first year of their filmschool. That dialogue is definitely not something that is carrying the film.

Bonus: The climactic scene in the Promo

Word is already out about a sword that seems like a rubber pipe than a sword, used by Ranveer’s character in the end of the trailer. To give the benefit of doubt, such a sword was used by Danny Dengzongpa’s character in Asoka, and the buildup for that sword was great. Here, when it makes its entry without any definition of buildup, it kinda loses everything and seems like a post production error.

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