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Darling don't cheat

There are contests and then there are contests and this contest seems to be the Baap of them all. Gone are the days when contests would give something mundane like a gift voucher or a gift hamper. Producers of Darling Don’t Cheat, a new movie are offering a chance for people to visit a nude beach in Jamaica.

Darling Don’t Cheat stars Ram Gaurav Pandey, Ashish Tyagi, Neha Chaterji and is directed by Sahil Bhatia and promises to be a suspense thriller.

What’s the movie about, you ask? Well, Badnaam has all the inside news for you. According to the presser the movie consists of everything that makes matters uncomfortable for the weak- nudity, cuss words, sex scenes and savagery.

A man dressed in black hoody and with a masked face makes lives miserable for a group of girls by making them strip, threatening them with a sharp knife, dragging them with their feet, confining them in a room and asking them the most uncomfortable questions.

The poster of the film features a menacing tagline, ‘Nothing thrills men more than the scent of a woman, sight of a female skin and the splatter of blood’.

We are sure you’re interested in the nude beach contest. You can take part in the beach via this link.

Chhuti ke liye apply kar lo!

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