The Second Miracle They Are Looking for: Jacqueline wants to play Mother Teresa

Yes, we know, Mother Teresa is quite famous with beautiful women. Countless women have invoked her name during beauty contests, but it now seems that another celeb wants to get into her shoes – well, at least in reel life. Jacqueline Fernandez (the one whom you last saw in Ready) has said that she would want to play Mother Teresa. She was around for a promotion of her latest movie, Roy.  Jacqueline started her career with Aladin, and then went on to play a role in Murder 2, Housefull 2, and Race 2.

In the interview, she said that, “If I have to do a biopic then I would love to play Mother Teresa.”“It would be very interesting…because I’ll get to learn a lot about her and I do think that she was a very important figure in Indian history,” she added.

— Jacqueline Fernandez (@Asli_Jacqueline) January 9, 2015

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