The Questions We Have About the Kanti Shah Arrest

This just in, Kanti Shah has been arrested, for circulating morphed clips of a female actress. Apparently. some of her friends told her about the morphed clips. Now, we all know Kanti Shah the director, who is well known for his low budget movies, but anyone who has spent even a second in a police station or a prison cell – whether a criminal or not  – will tell you that it is not something that one looks forward to. It is time  for us to separate the person from the profession and think about the media jamboree.

The first question that pops in mind is the ‘morphed’ clip, aka the ‘nude’ video clip. The actress says that her face has been planted in the video. Anyone would even the most breezing of backgrounds in the post production world would tell you that the technology to morph video is dizzying. Simply put, one would need to go to great pains to morph a person’s face into a video – to make it look real.

Second, we need to ask how according to the Afternoon Despatch and Courier, did the police ‘lay a trap and nab Kanti Shah from Andheri’, when in the same report, they have said that Shah  had been contacted earlier and had said that he would contact the police soon, as soon as he returned from a shoot.

Victimization of a name is nothing new in Bollywood, and with the murky details coming up, the mind boggles, thinking about what is correct and what is not.

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