The Photo Where Ranbir Looks Like His Own Duplicate

Airport sightings are passe nowadays The moment a crew understands that someone an actor is inbound or outbound, ana army of photographers stand guard. Gone are the nineties when celebrities were caught unawares at the airport. Today, many – almost all – celebs are ready to face the barrage of photographers that they meet.

While this makes for good Page 3 fodder, it has taken out the masala out of the photos that the impromptu photos provide. Therefore, we retrofy when we see a unique photo, like this one photo of Ranbir Kapoor.

Now, we are sure that this is Ranbir himself, because after all, the couple in the picture are telling his pappa that they are with Ranbir. But tell us is Ranbir recognisable in this picture? See for yourself! We kid you not.



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