Sneha Ullal is Back with Mughda Godse in Bezubaan Ishq

So, while everyone is raving about Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailer, we bring you something a blast from the past that’s suddenly in the present and will surely be around in the future.

Remember Sneha Ullal, the Lucky Lips girl”? Well, she’s bagged another project and it’s teaser is out. Shocked and surprised that you didn’t know. Neither did we until we started trawling YouTube.  The only person you will recognise in the movie is Mughda Godse, and they play each other’s sisters.

There’s a lot of channeling going on in this trailer.There’s someone looking like Ranbir Kapoor, some scenes that remind us of romantic epics and whathot. See the trailer to believe it.

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