Its Here: Manjhi (Mountain Man) Teaser Trailer and Poster



Nawazuddin Siddique is on a roll. After wowing audiences in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Badlapur, he is all set to bring to celluloid the story of the man known as the Mountain Man.

Manjhi tells the real life tale of Dashrath Manjhi, the laborer who decided to cut down a mountain all by himself, after his wife died due to lack of medical attention.

Dashrath Manjhi single handedly reduced the distance from his village to other places from a good eighty kilometers to eighteen, winning plaudits along the way, though he was mocked initially.

The movie was in limbo for a while, and rumors about the movie’s release have been around for a while. It was earlier reported that Ketan Mehta was planning a movie on Dashrath, popularly known as the Mountain Man. Aamir Khan had debuted his program, Satyamev Jayate, and had gone on record to say that he was deeply inspired by Manjhi, fueling rumours that he was in the race to make a movie on the Mountain Man.

However, the rumors are now cleared, and Ketan Mehta, who had once described Manjhi as the ‘Shah Jahan of the Poor’ helms the movie.

We have the trailer of the Nawazuddin Siddique starrer Manjhi on our hands. We are interested, very interested.

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