Friday the 13th Becomes Lucky for Anuskha Sharma’s NH10

Anushka Sharma 2 New‘Paisa bolta hein’, and if you haven’t yet watched Anuskha Sharma’s home production NH10, we’d say you should. Because, Paisa Bolta hein, and the movie has already made 25 crores in two weeks. That’s 1/4th of the lifetime earnings of the ‘masala flicks’.

Of course, Apni Anu is going on a rosy track, and you know what’s tomorrow, right? Even so, she took out the time to give this byte to her fans.

“I was always confident about NH10 scoring big with the audiences. Conventional wisdom might make it sound dark and violent, but it also connects emotionally and so well made that everyone could get into Meera’s shoes and spend that nightmare of a night out there. The box office jackpot will only inspire us to continue on the same path and make films like NH10.”

Way to Go, Gal!

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