Five Reasons We Should Respect Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon was the go to actress in the nineties, and we daresay that if she gets a meaty role even today, she will do complete justice to it. She is in the news because she is coming back with Onir’s new movie, Shab. However, something else that she is in the news for is her refusal to promote a paan masala company. With some of the current divas going so low as to comment on their origin to promote something that is a defined carcinongenic, Ravs earned our respect, and here five other reasons Raveena is the cultural icon that she is today:

She Reintroduced Sensuality with Mohra

The nineties was a bad time for Bollywood, and most of the turkeys were launched during that time. Entertainment was more LCM than it is today, and sensuality was something unheard of during that time. The item songs would be performed by lesser known actresses, giving the entire thing a bad name, but Raveena Tandon changed that with not one, but two sensuality laden songs in Mohra. The first one was “Tu Cheez Badi Hain Mast Mast’ and ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’. Yes, Sridevi did do a similar song in Mr. India, but even she didn’t do two such songs in one movie.

She Agreed for Khiladiyon ka Khiladi

The sister of a female don falls in love with a commoner, and the commoner seduces the don, creating the scenario for one of the most memorable sensual songs in Bollywood History. Make no mistake about it the script was controversial for that time, and not many actresses would have agreed to play these roles, but apni Ravs did, and did so with elan.

She Gave Us Andaz Apna Apna

Yes, what would Andaz Apna Apna be without Raveena Tandon?She was the funnest of the quartet who are still considered to be four of the most memorable characters in Bollywood cinema. We do not think the movie would be the same without her ditziness.

She ventured into serious roles at the turn of the century.

Let it not be said that Raveena Tandon did not do any ‘real’ roles in her lifetime. She has Ghaath and Daman to her credit, two movies which are well known for the realism and the concept that they tackle, female empowerment and corruption. Ghaath was the first time Raveena Tandon did not do the makeup for her role, because she played the wife of a police officer.

She refused a pan masala ad

The pan masala ad that we see are not only illogical but such examples of chest thumping that the mind boggles. With the recent ‘we were and are great’ concept that is flying around, we can only wonder what kind of ad copy they would come up with.

It is interesting to note that an actress who is said to ‘rule Bollywood’ right now had no qualms in promoting a pan masala, including using the place where she comes from.

The mind boggles.

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