Five Reasons that prove PK is Only Against Religious Dogma

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Once, we were told that the world is divided between the haves and the have nots. That is a thing of the past, and today it seems to be divided into people of various opinions and entertainment is the favorite whipping boy of anyone with an opinion. Especially when the movie is about religion or any social structure. As was expected, people have not taken kindly to the connotations that PK shows. With protests breaking up everywhere – and innocent people at risk- we take a look at whether the movie PK actually is against Hinduism, as some people are seem to be pointing out, and we have to disagree. Here are five reasons which prove that PK is only against religious dogma and not Hinduism.

#5 The Anti-Conversion Scene

A blurry image at a distance, and a person who suspiciously looks from the coastal South says that he is not getting converted into Christianity because if he was supposed to be Catholic, he would be a born Catholic

We applaud the fact that the movie makers took this controversial topic headon and in such a blunt manner. This is a hot topic right now and it is laudable that Hirani asked the most important question about conversions right away.

#4 The Three Wives Scene

It is a misconception that law allows four weddings, and this misinterpretation has been used for countless injustices. According to law, a man can marry a second time if his first wife dies. He can marry a third time if his second wife is impotent, and he can marry a fourth time if the woman is disabled and he is able to take care of her. When this entire sentence was redacted and became ‘if he is able to take care of her (them) is anyone’s guess.

#3 The Chase Sequence

In the flashback scene, PK is chased by people of all faiths, and he is shown acting out of place in a church, a masjid and though a gurdwara is not shown, he is chased by people of the Sikh community.

#2 The Self Flagellation Scene

Of course, there is the self flagellation sequence, which should have silenced all the controversy, but it has refused to die down. Things are so bad that some people are forwarding a screen grab showing an ARY Gold standee at a PK event, and pointing that ARY Gold is under investigation for helping terrorist activities.

#1 The Whole Context

There is so much meta in this movie, right from the scene where PK talks to the idol seller, to the one where he meets the temple priest for the first time, that there is no way anyone could have intentionally decided to offend one particular. If anything, this is a stark reminder of how our world is shackled with dogma.

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