The Day The Business Stopped: The Sad, Mad Case of Terry Bollea.


Today morning, there was a small blip in the Indian social media. The former professional wrestler known as Hulk Hogan was released from the WWE for racist comments that he made some years ago. A particular generation of Indians, those who are rarely on social media, had just heard a passing reference of Hulk Hogan […]

Yes, the WWE Immortal Game is Fun and Addictive


  WWE has continuously worked towards making their name in the gaming industry. While they are a dominant force in the PS3 fighting game circuit, they are now getting into the handheld mobile gaming niche in a big way.  Their WWE card game got critically acclaimed, and they now have joined hands with Warner Bros, NetherRealms to come […]

Is WWE Immortals This Generation’s Mortal Kombat?


WWE had insane success with the WWE card game for the Android device, and now they have gone ahead and come up with a full blown action game for mobile devices, titled WWE Immortals, and it looks very, very interesting. If the PR shots are correct and game-face, we should be seeing the entire WWE […]

The Brock Lesnar Hardee’s Ad Is In Character


  Whether you like him or not, or even if you do not like the direction in which the WWE is going because of him being bought for a gazillion dollars, you have to admit that Lesnar is one of the few men who seem to be legitimate beasts. In fact, his entire storyline career […]

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