Five Fun Fact from the Nineties in India


The nineties were a fun and goofy time to live in India. The benefits of liberalisation were in full flow, and India was just becomin one of the youngest nations in the world. As the new took over the old, several things changed overnight. Here are some of the everyday niceties the Indian had in […]

Five Reasons the Argument for Pre-Marital Sex has TEETH


India is a growing, progressing country, and we are being bombarded with newer ideas almost on a daily basis. Some of these ideas don’t just seem against our cultures, but also against logic and seem sacrilegous. In a country where arranged marriages are still the norm, pre marital sex is a strict no no. In […]

Five Types of Sunglasses Everyone Buys – and Everyone Hates


Fashion is funny. Fads are funnier. What’s the in thing today is the old thing tomorrow. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to retrospect and poke fun at some fashion decision that people have taken. One of the most obvious fashion decisions would be sunglasses, because well, you stick them right on your nose all through […]

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