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Figure of Speech: Personification: Khooni Murda

Kiran Kumar in a dynamic role of a stalker who finally becomes a spirit. Starring the indomitable Javed Khan too.

Khooni Murda (The Murdering Corpse) is a Bollywood horror movie that stars the people who are by now regular in this circuit, Javed Khan, Huma Khan, Kiran Kumar and others. Here is a complete script and screenplay of Khooni Murda. A young woman, Rekha, is stalked by a man called Ranjeet. The woman tells about […]

Yes, a Movie Called Sar Kati Laash Exists

Why would someone make a movie about an headless ghost at such a low budget? We find it difficult to answer that question.

  A monk captures the spirit of a headless corpse. He promises to free the spirit from the current body that it is residing in. Unfortunately, he enters the body of a married woman, whose husband brings her to another monk to have the spirit removed. The monk succeeds in doing so, but tells the […]

The First, the Last, and the Only One – Tarzan

This movie should be viewed for two reasons, and two reasons only. It is the debut of Hemant Birje and Kimi Katkar is in top form. 'Nuff said.

  Hollywood might have made a couple of their Tarzan movies, but the concept of a manboy growing up in a jungle would be unsurprisingly interesting for Indian filmmakers. After all, they get a free reign to have lake scenes, outfit scenes, so much and so much more. Back in the eighties, B Subhash made […]

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