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Dharmendra, the Baap of Superman

When Indians go West, the go totally west. Here is the movie starring Puneet Issar as Superman, and Dharmendra as his father. Superman is a scene to scene channeling of  the original Superman movie.

  An alien sends his son to Earth after his High Council doesn’t believe that the entire planet will be destroyed in thirty days. The alien is adopted by an elderly couple, and he soon shows his supernatural power. He is named Shekhar The couple doesn’t tell him about his unique origins, but as he […]

Nagin: The Movie that Began It All

One of the first movies to have a shape shifting snake story, something that is quite ingrained into the Indian culture.

  A young writer, Vijay, saves a villager from an eagle’s attack. The villager turns out to be a snake in a man’s shape. The snake-man allows him to experience the male and female snake dance.There’s Uday, an atheist who is married to a very religious woman. There’s another friend, Raj, and all of them […]

Kiran Kumar, Superstar

Kiran Kumar takes the helm as a vampire who lives next door to a young man, and who is actually  the past life lover of the young man's girlfriend. Yea.

A young couple take refuge in an old mansion during a stormy night. The woman, who is expecting, delivers in the mansion, and gives birth to a deformed zombie child because of an ancient evil power She dies of shock when she sees the deformed child, and the father is killed by the power too. […]

Dahshat: The Indian Frankenstein.

Navin Nischol and Sarika star in this obscure movie that has one of the rarest of rare villains and storylines. Finally, mad scientists make their way into Indian scripts!

A young man, Sameer, returns to his hometown, and is reunited with his childhood love, Kiran. While returning, he finds out about Chandangarh, where rumors are rife that dead bodies disappear. He is then introduced to a strange doctor, Vishal, who has an alcoholic wife and goes to meet women in the night. It is […]

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