Amavas Ki Raat: The Longest Night In Our Lives

Another movie that was heavily inspired from The Terminator. The only thing is that the filmmakers had a budget that as nowhere near Terminator 1, let alone Terminator 1.

  A woman completes her black magic education after being mentored by her husband. She gets a letter from her sister, Sunanda, who is being ill-treated by her husband – she had married him against her family’s wishes. The female Black magician gets a letter that her sister is living on the streets, after being […]

Figure of Speech: Personification: Khooni Murda

Kiran Kumar in a dynamic role of a stalker who finally becomes a spirit. Starring the indomitable Javed Khan too.

Khooni Murda (The Murdering Corpse) is a Bollywood horror movie that stars the people who are by now regular in this circuit, Javed Khan, Huma Khan, Kiran Kumar and others. Here is a complete script and screenplay of Khooni Murda. A young woman, Rekha, is stalked by a man called Ranjeet. The woman tells about […]

Yes, a Movie Called Sar Kati Laash Exists

Why would someone make a movie about an headless ghost at such a low budget? We find it difficult to answer that question.

  A monk captures the spirit of a headless corpse. He promises to free the spirit from the current body that it is residing in. Unfortunately, he enters the body of a married woman, whose husband brings her to another monk to have the spirit removed. The monk succeeds in doing so, but tells the […]

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