Daravani Haveli – A Scary Movie Beyond Scary Movies

Another obscure movie that tells us that all was not well with Bollywood back in the nineties.

A group of people usurp an old mansion, and drive anyone who comes there by scaring them. The police now send their best inspector, Vikram to investigate. The head of the group of people who have usurped the mansion is Raja. Vikram tells the Commissioner, but the Commissioner tells him to take his time in […]

Kiran Kumar, Superstar

Kiran Kumar takes the helm as a vampire who lives next door to a young man, and who is actually  the past life lover of the young man's girlfriend. Yea.

A young couple take refuge in an old mansion during a stormy night. The woman, who is expecting, delivers in the mansion, and gives birth to a deformed zombie child because of an ancient evil power She dies of shock when she sees the deformed child, and the father is killed by the power too. […]

Why We Couldn’t Make GIFs for Maut Ka Badla

There are low budget movies, and then there are low budget movies. This is one of the latter, and of course, this movie has something naughty that we took notice of. Click to see what!

A group of friends book a resort for a picnic. The resort has a strange caretaker, D’mello and they are a bit apprehensive about staying there, but have no option because they reach late in the night. Along with the caretaker, there is a cleaner who lives in the resort too. The gang of friends […]

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