Mr. Bond, the name is Mr. Bond

Akshay Kumar, Poonam Das Gupta, Sheeba, Dolly Minhaz star in a movie in which Akshay Kumar plays the titular character.

We have always maintained that the nineties was a bad time for Bollywood stars, and some of the worst turkeys that they acted in were in this decade. Akshay Kumar, before he became the Indian Ninja and Mr. Khiladi, had to go through the old route of dancer/singer/lover. But some movie makers took note of […]

The First, the Last, and the Only One – Tarzan

This movie should be viewed for two reasons, and two reasons only. It is the debut of Hemant Birje and Kimi Katkar is in top form. 'Nuff said.

  Hollywood might have made a couple of their Tarzan movies, but the concept of a manboy growing up in a jungle would be unsurprisingly interesting for Indian filmmakers. After all, they get a free reign to have lake scenes, outfit scenes, so much and so much more. Back in the eighties, B Subhash made […]

Seven Scenes That Make Qahar Epic


Raj Kumar Kohli is known for his Jaani Dushman and his Jaani Dushma redux, but he has several other movies that make the B Grade of Bollywood. The one we are reviewing today is Qahar, a movie that another launchpad for his son, Armaan Kohli. A Lady Who Literally Delivers Ten Minutes Ago Walks Stairs. […]