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The Icchadari Nagin: Sridevi in Nagina


A young man, Raj, returns to his ancestral mansion, which is deep in the interiors of India. He goes on a horse cart ride with his childhood friend, Rajani, and sees an older mansion, which is his ancestral mansion. The two young people get close to each other, and they decide to go on a […]

Daravani Haveli – A Scary Movie Beyond Scary Movies

Another obscure movie that tells us that all was not well with Bollywood back in the nineties.

A group of people usurp an old mansion, and drive anyone who comes there by scaring them. The police now send their best inspector, Vikram to investigate. The head of the group of people who have usurped the mansion is Raja. Vikram tells the Commissioner, but the Commissioner tells him to take his time in […]

Mr. Bond, the name is Mr. Bond

Akshay Kumar, Poonam Das Gupta, Sheeba, Dolly Minhaz star in a movie in which Akshay Kumar plays the titular character.

We have always maintained that the nineties was a bad time for Bollywood stars, and some of the worst turkeys that they acted in were in this decade. Akshay Kumar, before he became the Indian Ninja and Mr. Khiladi, had to go through the old route of dancer/singer/lover. But some movie makers took note of […]

Why Bees Saal Baad(1998) is Still Viewable

Dimple Kapadia, Mithun Chakraborthy and Meenakshi Sheshadri star in this unique lost-lovers-reincarnated story that was made in the late nineties.

  A haunted palace cannot be sold to anyone because the spirit spooks everyone who tries to buy it. We now learn about the origin of the ghost. A young couple, Nisha and Suraj, were separated lovers. Suraj decides to commit suicide because he is not allowed to marry Nisha because of some tribal rules. […]

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