Yes, a Movie Called Sar Kati Laash Exists


A monk captures the spirit of a headless corpse. He promises to free the spirit from the current body that it is residing in. Unfortunately, he enters the body of a married woman, whose husband brings her to another monk to have the spirit removed. The monk succeeds in doing so, but tells the husband that the spirit can enter her body anytime.

The husband then remembers the time when they were travelling through the night, and a spirit had taken over his wife, Nisha’s soul. We are then introduced to the wife’s sister, Shanti, who has a boyfriend. The headless corpse’s spirit now goes into the sister’s body, and she starts doing weird things – like dancing in a white shirt to pop songs.

While the monk tries to exorcise the ghost, the sister starts killing people, starting from the servant of the house. Also, the spirit travels between the two sister’s bodies, and finally the monk captures the spirit of the headless corpse in a bottle. He tells his daughter about the spirit in the bottle, and warns her not to open the bottle under any circumstances, keeping it in his trunk. He tells the husband that his wife will regain consciousness the day after, after the end of the no moon night.

However, the headless ghost requests Rekha, the monk’s daughter to release him. He tells her that he was killed mercilessly by Shakti, a photographer. Shakti had an affair with a woman, he tells her to marry a rich man. When the woman marries him, Shakti beheads him, therefore creating the ghost of a headless corpse.

After that death, he marries the woman and kills her too, becoming the owner of all the money that both of them had. The corpse then asks Rekha why she spends sleepless nights. She tells him about how her father was a pandit who used to help everyone. One day, he is contacted by a Mr. Khanna, a construction expert, who hires him to go to Varanasi, because he wants him to do some prayer meetings at a new construction site.

When the father goes, Mr. Khanna assaults the daughter, as well as a doctor to whom she is sent by Mr. Khanna. By the time the monk comes back, the daughter has been sexually assaulted by several people.

Now, the headless corpse’s spirit takes over the monk’s daughter and kills the doctor outside a hotel. The manager of the hotel goes to the monk and tells him that he suspects a spirit has killed him. He checks the bottle, and sees that the spirit is still in the bottle, and gives the manager a talisman.

The headless corpse’s spirit kills all the people who had sexually assaulted the monk’s daughter, including Shakti. The last one to die is Mr. Khanna. Finally, after killing everyone, the monk again captures the headless body’s spirit.

Five Aspects That Make the Movie Epic

The Disjointed Sequence

We are pretty sure that the movie was supposed to be something else and it turned out to be something else. Either that, or Sar Kati Laash is a legitimate multi starrer. It begins with a family that is haunted by the Sar Kati Laash and ends with the daughter of the monk killing her enemies. Even the best directors in the world cannot jump at this tangent and make it seem plausible.

The Dance Numbers

This was a common sequence in the D grade movies of the eighties and the nineties, because the directors did not have anything to fill up the reels. They would make the male and the female dance to the tune of some hit song on the radio, so there are no copyrght infringement issues too. Here, we have around three of such sequences, not because the script demanded it, but because there was nothing else in the movie.

Shakti Kapoor

Seriously, we have seen Shakti Kapoor in several tropes, but this takes the cake. This disjointed movie that has barely recognisable characters has Shakti Kapoor break the fourth wall. It is depressing, to say the least.

The Sar Kati Laash

Okay, Bollywood can rarely compare to Hollywood when it comes to special effects, and the B grade cinema can rarely compare to the A Grade cinema when it comes to SE, but this one seriously takes the cake. For the sar kati (headless) corpse, they have actually hung a robe on a pole and made someone carry it around. Watch it to believe it.

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