Why We Couldn’t Make GIFs for Maut Ka Badla

A group of friends book a resort for a picnic. The resort has a strange caretaker, D’mello and they are a bit apprehensive about staying there, but have no option because they reach late in the night. Along with the caretaker, there is a cleaner who lives in the resort too. The gang of friends settle down in the resort.

Now, one of the friends sits down to have some drinks. Another woman goes into the forest to freshen up. She sees one of the group members, and they have intercourse. However, when the girl returns, she sees that the friend who she thinks she had intercourse with was actually drinking at the table all the time.

The next day, the group goes for their research in the forest, and they see the caretaker following them. At night, their cacophony disturbs a woman, and there is a huge argument. Though the argument subsides, the woman kills the girl in the night.

The next day, the police comes to the resort, and the group as well as the caretaker trade allegations that they killed the girl. The group now tells the police about the woman that they had the skirmish with. The police now the caretaker away for interrogation,

The group comes up with a plan. They think that if they make noise once again, the strange woman will come again. True to form, she comes when the group has an all out party and kills one more of the group.

The police come once again,to investigate the other murder but they do not find any clues, and therefore cannot arrest anybody. The ghost woman strikes once again, and kills one more girl from the group.

Finally, they meet a professor who comes to the resort repeatedly. When they accuse him of killing everyone, he tells them of the past, when he had come to the same resort fifteen years ago with their students for research. However, the students do not research and he scolds the students. Incensed, the students file a rape case against him, and he is sent to prison for fifteen years. We finally find out that the strange woman is Mary, the professor’s girlfriend.

Maut Ka Badla is a D Grade movie. There is nobody in the entire movie that you would remotely know. There’s not even any person who is a duplicate of a famous actor or something. No, this is just a bunch of people who came together and faced the camera because they felt like making a movie. Here are the three things that we thought were quite memorable in the movie.

The Scriptwriter’s Obsession with Relieving

Believe us or not, there’s a whole scene and dialogue dedicated to the relieving of the main characters. There is a whole conversation about how a woman would like to freshen up in the jungle instead of the bathroom, because they can relieve in the bathroom in the city too.

The Dialogues

No, when we watch a movie that’s titled Maut ka Badla, we do not look for a script and a dialogue that would ignite our creative juices, but some of the dialogues are really cringeworthy and make you wonder about so many things in life.

The Zero Production Values

And when we say zero production values, we mean zero production values. The entire movie is shot in a resort, the attire and the costumes seem to be the personal ones of the actors, and well, the ghost just moves about with a red patch on her cheek.

The Costumes

Oh My, the costumes you see the women wear in this movie. All of them wear miniskirts, all the time. There’s tank tops, backless tops and everything that’s a -less top. That they wear this in a movie that’s generally set in the jungle makes Maut Ka Badla memorable.

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