Why the Purani Haveli Has Aged Beautifully

Purani Haveli is one of the top ten Bollywood horror movies, and is right up there in the top movies that the Ramsay camp ever made. Here is a complete review of the movie Purani Haveli.

Purani Haveli Synopsis:

An old haveli is haunted by a demon, who kills any wayfarers who dare to enter. The only person who can control this demon, with the help of a scapular is an old man who lives in and near the haveli.

The family that owns the haveli is complicated too. the property is to be the property of a young girl, Amita, who has been taken care of by her uncle and aunt all her adult life. In reality, the uncle and aunt have been looting her property all these years, and are worried, now that she will gain adulthood and will be able to take care of her property. They decide to marry her off to the aunt’s brother. Unfortunately, Amita already has a boyfriend, but we will come back to that later.

The uncle decided to sell of the haveli, but strange things happen there. The caretaker who was sent to clean up the haveli dies, and so does the person who was supposed to sell the haveli, along with the uncle.

While the aunt is worried that her husband hasn’t arrived back from the haveli yet, she is also worried that Amita is not giving in to the overtures of her brother. thing comes to their heads when she is confronted about her boyfriend, Sunil.

Her friends now come to her aid, and convince her aunt to send her with them to a picnic to the Purani Haveli. The aunt agrees, only on the condition that her brother goes with them too.

At the haveli, the aunt’s brother tries to molest Amita, but Sunil reaches there in the nick of time and beats him up. After this incident, nobody wants to talk to the aunt’s brother, and this is when the hauntings and the killings start. The first person to die is the aunt’s brother’s friend. His body is found hanging by the door. When the people inside the Haveli come to investigate, they find an old man hankering around and suspect him to be the killer.

In the meanwhile, the aunt’s brother sends a letter to the aunt, informing her about Sunil and Amita meeting in the Haveli. She makes it a point to reach the haveli the very next day. Here, she starts her masterplan. She tells Amita that Sunil is the right man for her, and hoodwinks Sunil into going to the underground cave. Here, he is beaten up by her brother and left for dead. However, he survives and comes face to face against the devil who haunts the cave.

Here, he meets the old man once again, and he tells him about the secret of the cave. Basically, the old man had once taken shelter here on a rainy night, with his pregnant wife. His wife delivered in the haveli, and the child was deformed. He kept the child imprisoned in the cave under the haveli, and has since then been living here.

The aunt’s brother now goes into the cave, to find out if Sunil has died, and stumbles upon the place where the demon has been kept trapped. He unleashes the beast, who goes on kill several of the people, until he is hounded into a church and is killed.

Here are the Five Reasons that We Enjoyed the Movie:

The Cameos:

The beginning of the movie has a long sequence with Preeti Sapru and Anil Dhawan, who have nothing to do with the actual movie, except die and show that the Purani Haveli is indeed haunted. We think it is just a way to get Preeti Sapru in the movie.

The Most Hard Worker in the World:

How many people would one need to clean a haveli? A dozen, at least six? Well, according to the Ramsayverse it’s just one. And of course, the one man is killed off quite early in the movie.

It’s a Family

Anil Dhawan is the brother of David Dhawan, and we all know who David Dhawan is. Preeti Sapru is the sister of Tej Sapru, and their father is Sapru, another major actor in the sixties, seventies and such. Yes, Sapru Sr and David Dhawan both don’t make an appearance in the movie, but well, we were just putting it out there.

Amita Nangia’s Debut!

People who were following the Indian entertainment world in the nineties would know Amita Nangia, made most famous with her role in Tara, and then had a couple of bit roles in other movies. This is her debut movie, and she has a lake shot in this movie too.

Those Headphones

Retro technology makes us leap joyously, and this headphones whose wires look suspiciously like a telephone wire is going to make your day.

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