The One Movie That Had Us Find the Meaning of a Tahkhana


These are the movies that are pretty different than the low budget and uncreative horror movies that Indian fans had to see in the nineties and later. In the seventies and eighties, horror movies by the Ramsays meant a big enough budget, and Tahkhana is one of the five movies that many would say are Ramsay’s best.

A Thakur, on his dying bed, disowns his son because he dabbles in black magic, and gives his entire money to the other son. The son who practices black magic decides to avenge his humiliation, and decides to invoke a thousand year old demon, with the blood of his brother’s two daughters. When Durjan attacks his brother, the two daughters are kidnapped, but his brother takes informs his friend about the attack before dying. In the fight that follows, one of the sisters,Sapna escapes.

Many years pass, and the friend dies too, but before he does, he tells the now grown up Aarti, Vijay and best friend about a treasure, the map to which was put in a locket and given to both the girls. The old man gives the locked to Aarti, and tells her that Shaakal, his son who stays in city will help her.

At around the same time, Durjan, who has been locked in the cave with the demon gives his own blood in sacrifice to revive the demon.

When Vijay and Anand talk to Shakaal about the treasure, he tells them that it is just a fantasy and they will never be able to get it. In the meantime, Anand finds out that Aarti’s sister, Sapna, is working in Mumbai as a cabaret dancer.

Sapna is in fact working in the city as a cabaret dancer, and she meets Shakaal for a job, While Shakaal does offer her a job, he tries to assault her, and kills her in the struggle. Before her death, she had given her co-worker the necklace that she had, which is also the other half map for the treasure.

Aarti and Vijay decide to live in the old haveli that was actually Aarti’s, but are attacked by some criminals, and are saved by a villager, Heera. Heera and his betrothed, Panna, now help Aarti and Vijay get accustomed to the old haveli that they would be living in. Shakaal to comes to the haveli with his friends, and tries to assault the cook’s daughter.

The next day, the group goes to look for the treasure. Later, Shakaal tries to assault Panna, and Heera beats him up, In the skirmish, he sees the locket and they get the complete map to the treasure.

That night, he tries to attack Aarti, but Aarti escapes and stumbles into the cave that has the treasure. Now, Shakaal reaches the cave and tries to kill her, but he is killed by the demon that resides in the cave.

At the same time, Anand and Vijay come to the cave too, and Anand is killed when he tries to fend off the demon. Anand and Heera now decide to take the villagers together to kill the demon, but before that the demon attacks the village and kills Panna. Now, the villagers invoke the Goddess and kill the demon with the holy trident.

The five reasons that made this movie epic for us:

Hemant Birje

Hemant Birje was arguably one of the few genuine bodybuilders at that time. When he came onto the scene with Tarzan, he was an instant legend. We did not get to see many of his movies, because he was already relegated to cult cinema after Tarzan. So, any movie that stars Hemant Birje is an epic for us anyway.

The Treasure and the Locket

Now, if you are reading this, you have a general idea of the fantasy, treasure and other such aspects that existed in the Bollywood movies of the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and even the eighties and the nineties. So, the very idea of a treasure and a locket map, broken into two makes this epic for us.

The Separated Sisters

Another classic from Bollywood, two sisters who were separated at birth. What makes it more epic is that the sisters never really meet… as one of them is sexually assaulted and dies in the middle of the movie.

The Bhaang Song

Yes, back in the eighties and nineties, societal norms did not allow songs to be sung about how people were alcoholic, so they took refuge in the songs about bhaang. This movie has a song that is not only picturised on people high on bhaang, but it is multifacets into a rain song too. Yay!

The Special Effects

This movie special effects blood transfusion from an age old man to the demon who is kept captured in the cave. Words cannot describe the transfusion. You need to watch the scene.

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